Facilities Description

The Riley Fire Department and the Vigo County Fire  Academy offers training environments that allow for practical and realistic fire and rescue operations.  All facilities are available for use and can be adapted to specific training needs if needed.

Drill Tower

3 story stack-able cargo containers built by American Training Institute.
  • Ground ladder  evolutions
  • Aerial ladder/tower ladder operations
  • High angle rescue evolutions
  • Standpipe and sprinkler operations (Under Construction)
  • High rise evolutions
  • Powered and hydraulic ventilation evolutions
  • Hose-line advancement
  • Vent/enter/search evolutions
  • Search and rescue in simulated smoke
  • Roof ladder operations
  • Self-rescue/bailout techniques
  • RIT operations

Live Burn Room

  • Live fire attack and suppression
  • Class A smoke training
  • Basement fire evolution
  • Controlled environment with dual point temperature monitoring and emergency deluge sprinkler system. (Temperature monitoring and the emergency sprinkler system is under construction)

Peaked Roof Prop

  • 2  Peaked roof ventilation
  • Roof ladder operations


  • Flat roof ventilation
  • Trench cut operations

Burn/Extrication Pad

  • Burn pans and burn barrel fires for extinguishers
  • Vehicle extrication (rollover, crash damaged and multi-vehicle accident scenarios)
  • Foam operations

Drill Ground

  • 1 hydrants (training Hydrant)  1 Live hydrant (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)
  • Pump operations
  • Relay operations
  • Elevated master-streams
  • Dry Hydrant operations
  • Hose testing location
  • Dump Tank operations
  • Driver training on closed course (EVOC and CEVO 3)
  • Aerial operations

SCBA Confidence Maze

  • Low profile and restricted area SCBA maneuvers
  • SCBA confidence course
  • Mayday drills
  • Confined area RIT operations
  • Self-rescue training

Confined Space Prop – UNDER CONSTRUCTION

  • Manhole, vault and 30” diameter pipe run available
  • Confined space operations
  • Entry, extraction, drag evolutions

Forcible entry

  • Forcible entry for all door/frame/jamb configurations


  • One room, 30 student, multimedia, air conditioned classroom
  • One interior training space and a high bay space for interior evolutions in the event of inclement weather

Incident Command Training

  • Ability to work with outside agencies to manage a Type IV incident

MCI training – Mass Causality Incident

  • One  trailer with all needs for an MCI incident